Amos Stempel

Married, two children, living in Jerusalem


1956              Born, Sde Warburg, Israel

1971-1974     Secondary school, Mishmar HaEmek

                       Art Studies, Oranim Seminar, Kiriat Tivon

1975-1978     Environmental Ecology Art – Kibbutz Samar

1978           "Birth of the Inner City", seeding of hollyhocks in the historical

                      Mandatory City of Jerusalem.

1979-1983     BA. Fine Arts - Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

                      Television Stage Design, Jerusalem

1981-             Noy Frames Picture Framing Workshop

1984-1989     Etching Series

                      Qumran Series

                      Art Teaching Jerusalem

1989-1995     England – The English Series

1989-1990     Emerson College

1991-1995     Art Therapy Diploma, School of Art, Sussex, UK

                      Art Therapy, Aberdeen, Scotland

                      The Scottish Landscape Series

1994              Exhibition, Studio 4X4, Crawley, Sussex, UK

                      Sculpting, Gertrude Goodwin Studio, Hoathly Hill, Sussex, UK

1995              Exhibition, Forest Row, Sussex,.UK

1997-1998     Art Teaching, Machon Mofet, Jerusalem

                      Art Therapy, Wizo Shelter for Beaten Women

                      Studio work

2002-2003     Art Teaching, dept.of Industrial Design, Bezalel Academy of Arts

                      Articles on Colour

                      Articles on Arts and Crafts

                      Idea and Script for "Birth of the Phoenix", Ecological Performance,

                      Vertigo Dance Company

2005              Studio work

                      Scriptwriting for film (later to be adapted into a novel.)

2006              Sculpture Teaching, School for Visual Theatre, Jerusalem

2007              Exhibition, Israeli Art, Jaffa, Tel Aviv

2008              Art Therapy, Autistic Youth, Jerusalem

                      "Spiritual Asset" group exhibition, Jerusalem

                      Studio work

2009              Documentary Film, "Healing Words"


2010              Exhibition - "Close to Home", Beit Uri and Rami Nehushtan Museum

2011              "Even a Bird Finds a Home" - video art for Liturgy Festival, Beit Avi Chai

                      Doco-Moco film, "Out of Touch"


2012              "Giving Life to Ma'or" – group exhibition, Artstation Gallery, Neve Tzedek,

                      Tel Aviv

                      Exhibition - "On the Way to the Metropolitan Museum", Tzavta, Tel Aviv

                      Exhibition – "Boarding Pass on the Way to the Metropolitan Museum",

                      Tavi Art Gallery, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv


2013              Group exhibition "Plaster" 2013, Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv



                     Works in private collections, Israel and abroad



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